Malaga, Province Capital in The South of Spain

When people think about Malaga, the first thing that comes to you is beach, sun, costa del sol, holidays, Marbella, Benalmadena, Torremolinos, etc. These are some of possible reasons which lead foreign or national people to come and visit this land. This image of the Spanish area is result of tourism publicity of the south of Spain. Nevertheless, Malaga province offers more than a beach image. It offers infinity interesting places to discover, from natural areas until buildings with history in its walls.

If you are coming from outside, the communication between different areas are many bus lines, taxis and for some cities there is a little train. However, if you do not want to go long distances and slowly due to the bus stop, you have another option such as car hire Malaga and you can drive without schedules buses or train and increasing independence.

But if you have a chance to visit and see Malaga capital, you will discover that is not just a summer and beach image, and includes much more inside. There are many who only see Malaga when we are driving to the coast. But if you visit Malaga, you can discover that it is a cultural and historical city and a great variety of offers.

An attractive option to know the city is outdoor activities, in that way you will discover Malaga through a funny and dynamic way. There are several activities such as riding bike. If you like ride bike, you will find chances to do routes, guide visits by bike, etc.

If you like the sea and navigate, there is the possibility have fun on touristic sails which are offered at the Muelle 1 (of the port of Malaga). However, if you need to organize single dinners, family foods, etc.; any type of event that you need it, you could organize to enjoy with family, friends or your couple. Even, if you organize a family, scholarship or any organization travel there are concrete activities and prices for this type of activities.

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