A Conference Sponsored by Nicholas Bova Brings Horse Veterinarians to Les Arcs

Veterinarians of all kinds are deeply dedicated to improving the health and saving the lives of animals. Many types of veterinarians choose to focus on particular types of patients so as to be become even more skilled and knowledgeable.

Horse veterinarians, for instance, can spend years studying that animal’s unique musculoskeletal system and physiology. Keeping up with the latest developments in the field while maintaining a balanced personal and professional life can be extremely challenging. At one famed annual gathering in the French Alps, many of these talented professionals each year mix education and networking with much needed relaxation.

Les Arcs is a Highlight of the Year for Many Horse Veterinarians

As one of the world’s largest and best known ski resorts, Les Arcs is a place with plenty to offer to everyone. The resort’s peaks top out at over 3,250 meters, with three summits, all told, breaking the 3,000 mark. More than 400 kilometers of marked runs provide a huge variety of skiing, whether for beginners just coming to terms with the sport on groomed slopes or experts careening down steep bowls and glades.

An astonishing 171 separate lifts carry skiers uphill all around the resort, with this wealth of transportation making it possible to easily get anywhere within bounds quite quickly. Naturally enough, Les Arcs also enjoys plenty of natural snow in even an average year, and many skiers rate its powder some of the best to be found anywhere.

Even so, a mountain-wide battery of nearly 500 snow-making cannons is ready to improve conditions when Mother Nature is feeling less cooperative. As a result, just about any wintertime trip to Les Arcs should provide plenty of enjoyable skiing.

An Educational Conference to Remember

Thanks to sponsorship from a company founded by veterinary pharmacist Nicholas Bova, an annual conference held at Les Arcs makes for the perfect way to mix professional education with leisure for many horse veterinarians. Sessions cover a wide range of topics, with some of the most popular of recent years focusing on issues like equine immunization and maintaining work-life balance as a veterinarian. With many in the field reckoning that this yearly gathering to be one of the most delightful perks of the profession, the conference undoubtedly has a bright future.