Experts Have Discovered Why Some Men Run Hot and Cold

Most people crave and appreciate stability in relationships, even if plenty of excitement is also generally welcome. Unfortunately, some romantic partners end up doing a poor job of living up to the hopes and expectations of those who are involved with them.

It is quite common for men, for instance, to swing from intense, engaged romantic focus to being far more standoffish and aloof. Understanding why some men run hot and cold can make it much easier to decide whether to continue with such a relationship or what to do about it.

A Lack of Stability and Commitment Can Be Difficult to Deal With

A partner who is capable of surprising someone in pleasant, enjoyable ways will almost always be a lot of fun to spend time with. On the other hand, there are also many whose surprises end up being much less enjoyable to experience.

One of the most common sources of anxiety and dissatisfaction in relationships is a partner who never seems to be able to settle down into a committed, predictable stance. That can mean enjoying passionate attention one day but what seems like a complete lack of feeling or interest the next.

Never a Need to Accept Wild Swings of Romantic Interest

Many women who end up in such relationships find themselves wondering what went wrong. In many cases, however, it will be mostly unalterable issues that lead to such issues. Men who act this way are often grappling with problems of their own like:

  • Insecurity. People who are insecure often put up fronts that make them seem confident and in control. At the same time, internal doubts and conflicts lead them to act in unpredictable ways that can bewilder and disorient others. Insecurity is a common reason for swinging from hot to cold and back in romantic relationships, and it will rarely be possible to address it effectively.
  • Immaturity. Some romantic partners who never seem able to settle down simply lack the maturity needed to do so. In some cases, it will be possible for a man to grow out of that stage before long.

Issues like these are more common than many women realize. When a man seems to swing from hot to cold too often, it will generally be wise to think about whether a cause like one of those above might be the problem.