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Increasing Your Instagram Following Without Buying Followers

With over 200 million members, north of 60 million messages and about 1.6 billion likes happening daily, Instagram is easily one of the forces to reckon with in social media. Still, it doesnt mean you should buy fake followers who do nothing but give you numbers. Its all about authenticity, people interacting with you and your other followers. Besides, its only a matter of time before the networks next crackdown, so youll want to be as safe as possible.

In other words, yes, you can increase your Instagram following without being a fake, and you can start with these tips below:

1.Get your dedicated hashtag out there.

Its silly to just hope that people will learn about your dedicated hashtag. You need to put it in front of them. Put it everywhere – your Instagram profile, receipts, print ads, store signage, and so on. If you can, get it mentioned on radio or TV. Combine your online and offline campaigns by making sure it’s found on your website, other social profiles, and email blasts.

2. Create unforgettable hashtags.

In terms of Instagram captions, dont get stuck with single-word, obvious hashtags. Be weird, outrageous funny – anything but boring.

3. Participate in viral conversations.

When posting, use a basic hashtag (for example, #woodworking for a furniture shop) plus an extremely popular hashtag. Specific hashtags are no different from long-tail keywords in that they reflect more of what you really want to say intent and help you reach the right people. This while universally trending hashtags, such as #yeyitsfriday, #ootdoftheday or even simply #love, put you in front of a bigger crowd in general. Both are important.

4. Make a good bio.

Your bio is the lifeblood of your Instagram profile. But its not something you cant change or change where it links to. Change it up at least once a week but make sure to retain the message, and link it to your hottest or most recent content.

5. Be descriptive with your captions.

Sometimes, a picture is enough to relay a message, but not necessarily when you talk about Instagram. Use storytelling alongside your photos to boost engagement and sharing. People may like your picture, but you might have to talk to them first before they drop comment or hit a like.

6. Develop a definitive look.

We were all designed with an urge to fit in, but if you want to succeed Instagramming, you have to shine. Create a signature look so that people will instantly know its your picture in their newsfeed without even checking. Its how you make a mark on Instagram, not buying followers.

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