Lessons Learned from Years with Wellness

March 17, 2019

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Indoor Rowing Workouts

Chances are that you have a rowing machine in the gym you go to but have you ever given it a try? Just like the many benefits you get with other types of workouts, indoor rowing is very demanding and will give you some unique health benefits. You get to tone your body the way you want and lose weight if you have been struggling to stay within the healthy limit, if you have good weight you can use rowing to stay fit. Rowing has even gone to be recognized as a sport and many people ‘all over the world compete. If you are wondering why you should care about indoor to begin with it’s optional cardio work out instead of always heading to the exercise bike or the treadmill.

The cross action will give you an intense work out as you will feel by the time you are done. Another benefit of indoor rowing is that it has low impacts on your legs but gives you the intense work out you will be looking for. Running has a lot of your energy going to sustain the impact to your legs, looking at the position you will be in when indoor rowing the energy gets to go through the muscles making it quite engaging. Indoor rowing is a great cardio work out but the focus is usually on the upper body, you will build your upper body without the stress that comes with lifting weights.

Having established how much of a gem the indoor rowing is to your overall workout, it is only right that you find ways of making it fun when you hit the gym. Not every person is built for long gym sessions, some will work better with short intense sessions that have intervals of rests that last for around thirty seconds between them. If you make it a habit of going through your indoor rowing workouts like this you will build more stamina and burn fat quickly. Beat the monotony of indoor rowing by including short workouts of other nature in between.

Bring in friends to provide some competition, you would be surprised just how much motivation that can be for you. Don’t overlook entertainment when you are heading for a rowing session or any other workout for that matter, you get to build stamina and be in a great mood by listening to what you love. Indoor rowing is an all rounded type of work out, you are achieving several body goals at one time and with that in mind you will have the drive to keep going. Work out apps are also good to have especially because they will help you stay focused and organized.

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